Who we are

We are a group of European campaigners focused on pension fund divestment from fossil fuels. We reside in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Our respective organizations are as follows:

Italy: Re:Common
Netherlands: Groen Pensioen
Germany: Fossil Free Berlin
Denmark: AnsvarligFremtid
Sweden: Fossil Free Sverige

We collaborate with NGO’s BothENDS, SustainableEnergy and Danish 92 Group.

As a group we decided to do a joint campaign, Gas Free Pensions, with the intention of warning against the “gas-as-a-transition-fuel” myth and focus on public money, which is still invested in the infrastructure of the fossil fuel “natural” gas.

Although we are campaigning for our respective pension funds to divest from ALL fossil fuels, gas is particularly concerning, as it is advertised as “a clean fossil fuel” and a necessary “bridge fuel” for the energy transition. Like coal and oil, when fossil gas burns it emits a considerable amount of CO2, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. In addition to CO2, fossil gas is 90% methane, which has “a global warming capacity 86 times greater than CO2 the first 20 years after its release into the atmosphere.”

Fossil gas releases methane at every step of the supply chain. Fossil gas is not “clean.” Fossil gas is not a bridge fuel and is not compatible with the Paris Agreement.

Our joint campaign, Gas Free Pensions, is focused on two demands:

(1)to stop extraction and production of fossil gas and (2) to stop [our] pension funds from financing fossil gas infrastructure, extraction and production.

Associated social media channels

Gas Free Pensions (#GasFreePensions) is a social media campaign that is present on Facebook and Twitter. In addition to our social media presence, we will maintain this website, which will act as our campaign’s main hub.