Gas Facts

Gas Free Pensions

a) About Methane and “Natural” Gas:

A bridge to nowhere: methane emissions and the greenhouse gas footprint of natural gas.

Robert W. Howarth (2014) published a groundbreaking study here, elaborating on methane’s climate threat. It’s a science paper, but not too hard to read.

Methane Emissions: the greenhouse gas footprint of natural gas. 

Summary of the paper “A bridge to nowwhere”, 2014

Methane, explained 

Cows and bogs release methane into the atmosphere, but it’s by far mostly human activity that’s driving up levels of this destructive greenhouse gas.

Frack Off (facts on hydraulic fracturing)

There is a growing body of evidence that supports the case for opposing fracking and unconventional oil and gas exploration/extraction. Click link to access an abundance of sources and evidence:

Europe has less than 10 years left to burn gas, study says 

Europe needs to “urgently get off gas”, if it is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming, this article claimed back in 2017 and reports about a study by Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and Teesside University in the UK.

b) About Money and Markets

The New Math for Investors in a World of Cheap Energy 

With costs sinking for both oil and renewables, only one of them is still offering investors a healthy return on equity, a Bloomberg article explains in May 2020.

Billions to be wasted on ‘unnecessary’ gas projects, study says

ABP and fossil fuels – How our pensions are fueling the climate crisis. 

Pension fund ABP is still investing in coal, oil and gas companies, thus contributing to CO2-emissions and climate change, this report by Both ENDS, Fossielvrij NL, Greenpeace and urgewald shows.—How-our-pensions-are-fueling-the-climate-crisis/

Profits from renewable investments higher than from fossil fuels (2 reports)

Commentary from AnsvarligFremtid / Klimabevægelsen (DK): I believe it is the first time that I have seen this type of analyses and with this specific conclusion (i.e. that profits from renewables are higher than fossil fuels).
This may be an early sign that we will see much more investments in renewable energy in the future.

1. BNEF-analysis (return on equity) 

2. IEA/Imperial College report (total returns) 

Clean energy is outperforming fossil fuels in America, UK and Europe 

Renewable power is outperforming fossil fuels in US and European markets, according to a new report published by Imperial College Business School.