Send an Email or Letter

Here is a sample letter you can send to your pension funds. Below the letter you can look up the contact details of your pension fund:

Dear employee of my Pension Fund,

You invest my money so that I can enjoy a comfortable old age. I appreciate that you see to it that I can retire with money to live on. But that is not the only thing that matters to me. I also want to have a world to enjoy my retirement in. Clean air to breathe for me and my grandchildren, some nature to take my walks in. I am worried that the effects of climate change will devastate this dream and this planet.

I therefore ask you to stop all investments in companies that worsen climate change, particularly companies that extract coal, oil and gas and bring CO2 burning fuels into our economy.

Together, we can make sure that the Paris agreement is kept. I am willing to do my bit for the sake of the planet and for future generations. I ask that you do your bit, with my money: please stop all investments in coal, oil and gas. Now.

Thank you.

<Fill in your name, country, etc>

Contacting Your Pension Fund:


Zoek hier het pensioen waar u bent aangesloten en vraag hen te divesteren. Hier boven staat een voorbeeldbrief die u direct kunt kopieeren of nog kunt aanpassen.

Deze pensioenfondsen hebben een mailadres in plaats van een contactformulier op hun website: