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Gas Free Pensions

Inspired and want to do your part? There are many ways to contribute to the efforts to create sustainable and fossil fuel free future. Here are a few:

  • Write a letter or e-mail to your respective pension system and/or insurance company
  • Write a letter to your country’s leaders
  • Sign a petition
  • Support and encourage your friends, children and grandchildren to join initiatives committed to the energy transition (see “14. People that help” for organizations)
  • Join civil society organisations in your country that engage to get our pension system out of fossil gas and other fossil fuels


Gas Free Pensions is a European umbrella initiative. You can find our activities also on Facebook and Twitter.


There is a petition made by Fossielvrij NL’s you can sign: One of the largest pension funds in the Netherlands, Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW), shall divest from its fossil fuel holdings.

To learn about the active people engaging for fossil free, especially gas free pensions in the Netherlands, you may :


In Germany, there are many active groups engaging for fossil-free Pension savings of their state, municipality, or institution. You may have a look at the website of the national umbrella Fossil Free Deutschland.

At federal level, there is an ongoing campaign, carried out by Fossil Free Berlin. This initiative focuses on Germany’s investment policy of public reserves, and especially >31.5 billion euros pension reserves. To this day, these are party invested in European gas and oil companies like Total, and ENI, or in companies engaged in fracking. The initiative engages for a quick and climate-friendly financial turnaround. Gas, oil and coal companies that keep doing business at the expense of the climate must be excluded now and in the future.

The initiative actively initiates dialogue with members of parliament in order to gain their support. It invites members of parliament to sign the “Berliner Konsens für Klimastabilität & Rücklagen des Bundes” (Berlin Consensus for Climate Stability & Federal Reserves). In June 2020, 47 members of parliament, mainly from the governing coalition, had already done so.

You can help here and ask members of your constituency who have not yet signed to do so by sending a letter.

The initiative also uses public actions to build up pressure on parliament and government, while at the same time holding technical discussions with ministry officials. The members of the initiative work on a volunteers basis. Working language is mainly English, the group is open for all people willing to use their skills for the common goal. 

You can inform yourself about current activities on the website (in German) https://fossilfreeberlin.org/

or follow on Twitter

or on Facebook 

or on Instagram


The Danish campaign AnsvarligFremtid (Responsible Future) is working for divestment in Pension Funds, Labour Unions, Insurance Companies and Municipalities.

One of the main focuses is the general assemblies in the member-owned pension funds. You can sign up for the newsletter, and also to be contacted when there is an upcoming election in your pension fund, here (in Danish): https://www.ansvarligfremtid.dk/engager-dig-i-ansvarligpension/

Besides the general assemblies, AnsvarligFremtid is also having dialogues with pension funds and journalists to advance the divestment agenda.

You can learn more about – and get involved in – the different campaigns here (in Danish): https://www.ansvarligfremtid.dk/kontakt-os/

You can also follow our work on Facebook


The campaign Divestera AP-fonderna ( divest the AP-funds) is a Fossil Free campaign targeting the five state owned pensions funds called First, Second, Third, Fourth and Seventh AP-fund. So far only the First fund has divested from coal, gas and oil. To visit or join Fossil Free Sweden go here: https://gofossilfree.org/se/ ; https://www.facebook.com/fossilfreeswe/

If you scroll down to “Divestera AP-fonderna” there is a petition (only in Swedish).

The larger network Schyssta pensioner (Fair pensions) is a collaboration between small and big NGOs in Sweden demanding the AP-funds to stop investing in activities that damage the climate, environment and violent human rights. http://schysstapensioner.se/


Re:Common is a collective and an NGO based in Italy. It conducts investigations and promotes campaigns against the dodgy economy and the devastation of the territories in the North and in the South of the world caused by the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and major public and private infrastructure projects. Re:Common works closely and in solidarity with local communities and Indigenous Peoples, denouncing the abuses and human rights violations perpetrated against them as well as the environmental damages. Re:Common is campaigning for a fossil free public and private finance.

Join Re:Common on their website or follow Re:Common on Facebook

Other groups to join that are working for a fossil gas free future:

Join the Gastivists

Check out 14. People that help to find out more ways you can get involved with the movement.