Manual: How to create your own story

How to Upload an Image

  1. Go to back-end / administation area ( Open the Media Library
  2. drag image into it.
  3. wait… when done, click your image
  4. put the copyright into “Description”

To give the correct copyright, you need 3 elements:

  1. the (C) or (CC)
  2. Title (if there is one) and Creator/photographer AND Link to address of Image
  3. Licence AND Link to address of licence

Example for a Creative Common Licence (CC):

(CC) stethoscope by jasleen_kaur (BY-SA 2.0) , PLUS name and licence need hyperlinks:


How to do it:

Get the copyright claim including the hyperlinks this way (example from above):

(CC) <a href=>stethoscope by jasleen_kaur target=”_blank”</a> <a href=>(BY-SA 2.0) target=”_blank”</a>

The target=”_blank” is added to the URL so that if the link is clicked the link is opened in a new tab.

Then close the window. The Copyright claim in the description is automatically saved.

To put the image at its place on the website, you have to go to the posts.