Fossil fuel’s influence on the European Green Deal

By Clara McDonnell August 28, 2020

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) released the report: A Grey Deal? Fossil fuel fingerprints on the European Green Deal earlier this summer, examining the influence of the fossil fuel industry on shaping the deal. 

Here are some of the key takeaways from their report: 

  • The European Green Deal (EGD) falls short of what is needed to make Europe truly climate-neutral 
  • The EGD does not phase out fossil fuels, although leaving most fossil fuels in the ground will be necessary for a liveable future. It plans to continue using fossil fuels, and “offsetting” the emissions from these fossil fuels with technologies that are unproven and expensive. Gas plays a major role in their energy plan. 
  • The targets set are not sufficient to prevent the dangerous impacts of climate change. The 2030 target calls for a 40% reduction in emissions compared to 1990 levels, while climate activists argue that a 65% reduction is needed to limit global warming to a 1.5℃ increase.  
  • Oil and gas companies are embracing the “net zero” goal, while still planning to increase their production of fossil fuels.   
  • Big polluters and fossil fuel companies have spent hundreds of millions of euro to lobby the EU to adopt measures that are beneficial for their businesses, such as the emissions trading system, and committing to building new gas infrastructure. 

What can we do? CEO recommends joining Fossil Free Politics. Check out our list of other organisations also working towards a fossil free future. 

Read the full report from CEO here.