EU: Fossil Fuels not a Just Transition

By Marjolein van Dillen June 26, 2020

The EU is setting up a fund (40 billion euro) to help the transition to a sustainable economy. Coal miners will get training for a new career, regions will be supported if they now depend on high-carbon industries, so they can shift to other industries.

The definition of high-carbon included only solid fuels at first. But EU ambassadors and the EU Commission have now made plain that the fund should not support the decommissioning or construction of nuclear power plants, nor investments related to fossil fuels. Gas was included in this exclusion, very much as this blog explains: because of the methane leaks and the high heating potential of methane.

For Eastern Europe states, this is a very steep curve, from coal at once to all renewables. So, as the negotiations with EU Parlement and the states are still not finalised, the definition is not carved in stone yet. We will watch the developments and keep you posted!