1. “Natural” Gas, so what?

What to do? Your daughter commits herself to the climate movement. All of a sudden, she knows a lot more about the climate problem than you do. She starts fussing about your gas stove. Is she right?

3. Gas, a Health Hazard?

Healthwise “natural” gas is a more tricky than meets the eye. More tricky even my daughter was aware of. The problem is not explosions. That we would be able to solve with a simple bird.

4. Turmoil in Finance World

Is gas still the cash cow of the future? My daughter says no. My neighbour Heinz chuckles: "Gas is the technology for years to come. Safe haven for investments!". What do finance experts say?

5. When Public Opinion Tips

5. When Public Opinion Tips

Officials announced a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-terminal project. Already the following weekend my daughter and her friends went there to hold up STOP-posters in front of TV cameras, and local people joined.

6. Pension funds on slippery slope

Pension funds are among the largest financiers of gas infrastructure projects. Really? Is that still a wise thing to do? And does it tally with their fiduciary duties?

10. Let’s Help the Funds

If you get a reply from you pension fund explaining in technical jargon that what you asked for is not tricky/not possible, you may refer to this excellent study written by two financial experts from Denmark.

11. Warning for Investors

A message from famous US author Bill McKibben: "Gas infrastructure investments are going to get riskier and riskier as time goes on."

14. People that Help

I looked for people and organizations that would be active against the methane threat. Never expected I would find so many